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Department of Hotel Management


Department of Hotel Management updates educationand teaching idea, and actively explores to promote the teaching reformation, andcombines theory teaching, practice teaching and the development trend of theindustry to deepen the cooperation between colleges and enterprises.

The department now has two bachelor degreeprogram: Hotel Management, Property Management, and two three three-yearassociate programs: Hotel Management, Culinary Art and Nutrition and Aviation Services,etc. The department has 1612 graduates and 1608 students are now studying atschool.

Hospitality Management

This program trains students to adapt tothe star hotel development and have good scientific literacy and humanisticquality, and the hotel operation and management theory and knowledge, to grasphotel service and operation skills, hotel management, interpersonalcommunication, planning and operational ability, hotel management, to becomeapplied talents with international vision.

Property Management

This program is found for propertymanagement industry development needs, trains students to master the basictheory and professional skills of property management and, with good scientificliteracy and humanistic quality, property management and real estate businessplanning basic ability and international property management ability.

Hospitality Management (Three-year Program)

This program trains students with modernhotel management theories and skills, to be familiar with relevant nationalpolicies, guidelines, and adapt to the social economy and industry developmentneeds, mastering modern hotel operation and management methods, means, and havinga strong spirit of innovation, competition consciousness, good professionalquality and strong modern sense of service.

Culinary Arts and Nutrition (Three-year Program)

This program trains students to have relatedtheory and modern idea of culinary arts, and to skillfully master culinary artsskills, be familiar with operation methods and process of catering enterprises.Students can be qualified in the management and service work for all kinds ofhotel catering and social catering enterprises.

Aviation Service

This program trains students to have higherlevel of English, and have a flexible coordination and strain capacity.Students can master civil aviation service theory and basic skills, to adapt tothe civil aviation enterprise development needs, and involved in domestic andinternational civil aviation services.