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Department of Tourism Management

Department of Tourism Management adheres tothe school running characteristics. According to the actual demand of tourismindustry, the department established the undergraduate program of highereducation with vocational education. The department created the curriculumsystem of knowledge, quality, ability, which is opened to the tourism industry.

The department currently has one bachelordegree program: Tourism Management and three three-year programs: Tourism Management,International Tourism, Convention and Exhibition, which include management andplanning, hotel management, marketing management and planning of tourism, thetour guide and travel agency management, tourism scenic area planning andmanagement, and other professional directions. The department has more than2000 students, more than 700 students are now studying at school.

Tourism Management

This program trains students to adapt tothe modern tourism development needs, with the high quality, modern managementtheory knowledge of tourism management system and operation skills, humanisticquality, international vision, innovation, entrepreneurial spirit, practical abilityand social responsibility. Students can work at all levels of administrativedepartment of tourism, tourist related enterprises and units engaged inbusiness, management, planning, consulting, services.

Tourism Management (Three-year Program)

This professional trains students withtourism management basic theoretical knowledge and basic skills in tourismadministrative departments, enterprises, institutions and related industries tocultivate specialized personnel engaged in the work of service and management.

International Tourism (Three-year Program)

This program trains to have strong foreignlanguage ability and modern enterprise management theory and basic knowledge oftourism, a strong spirit of innovation and competition consciousness, to be familiarwith the national foreign-related tourism policies and regulations, as well asthe development trend of international tourism, and to master internationaltravel agencies and international hotel management methods, procedures andbasic operational skills, as well as international tour guide skills.

Exhibition Planning and Management (Three-year Program)

This program trains students to masterexhibition theory knowledge and professional marketing and planning skills,meet all kinds of exhibition business activity services, marketing, planningand management ability.