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Department of Business Administration

Departmentof business administration adheres to the quality of education, withprofessional construction and teaching staff construction, the departmentreforms, and try every effort to innovation. After more than ten years of hardwork, The department has closely integrated theory and practice, developedcoordinated bachelor degree programs and three-year associate programs.

The department has three bachelor degreeprogram: Marketing, Human Resource Management, Project Cost and so and fivethree-year associate programs: Marketing and Planning, Chain Business Management,International Business, Economic Management, Project Cost, which includemarketing and strategic management, international business, tourism and hotelmanagement, tourism marketing and planning, real estate marketing and planning,and other professional directions. The department has 2058 students, 1273 ofwhich are now studying at school.


Thisprofessional trains students to adapt to the social and economic developmentneeds, to master management, economic law, marketing, planning and strategicmanagement, and other aspects of professional knowledge and skills, to havegood professional ethics, solid foundation, marketability, comprehensiveability, rich pioneering and innovative spiri.

Human Resources Management

Thisprogram trains students to adapt to the social and economic development, tomaster the basic theory of management, economics and human resourcesmanagement, to have good professional ethics, modern human resources managementbasic knowledge and skills, marketability, comprehensive ability. Students can workin enterprises and institutions and government departments and be engaged inhuman resource management.

Project Cost

This program trains students to meet theneed of modernization construction, with knowledge of construction technology,construction project cost management theory and skills, modern investment andengineering economy, management, legal knowledge, to be involved in the projectfeasibility study, engineering measurement and valuation, project costmanagement, project contract management work of senior engineering andtechnical management.

Marketing and Planning

Thisprogram trains students with a good professional ethics, to adapt to the socialand economic development needs, rich pioneering and innovative spirit, withmodern management, economy, law and basic theory, to master the basic theory ofmodern marketing management, planning and professional skills.

Chain Management(Three-year Program)

Thisprogram trains students to master the basic theory of chain operationmanagement and business skills, chain management, logistics management,accounting and business management knowledge and ability. Students can beengaged in chain business management, market research, chain promotion,business negotiation, purchase and sale business, marketing planning, chainoperation, chain logistics operation management.

International Business(Three-year Program)

This program trains students to probe intothe theory with practice, economy, management, law and related disciplineknowledge, to have the comprehensive professional ability of internationalbusiness, foreign trade enterprises and foreign enterprises and other units, tobecome applied talents working in the field of international trade.

Construction Economics andManagement (Three-year Program)

Thisprogram trains students to meet the need of market economy, constructioncompanies, real estate enterprise, engineering project management consultingenterprise on economic management job, to have a professional necessary basictheory and professional technology. Students can be engaged in financialaccounting, auditing and buildings project auditing, construction materials management.

Project Cost (Three-yearProgram)

Thisprogram trains students to meet the need of modernization construction, with knowledgeof construction technology, construction project cost management theory andtechnology, to know modern investment, engineering, management, and legalknowledge. Students can be involved in the project feasibility study,engineering measurement and valuation, project cost management, projectcontract management.