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Department of Foreign Languages

Department of Foreign Languages sets "programs serving local ecomomy" as its core of education, "Language skill + professionalskill + literacy" training mode contribute to the sustainable developmentof the English majors.

Department currently runs one undergraduate major: English and one three-year program: Application English, which include international business, tourism and hotel management, financial, secretarial and other professional directions. The department has 1918 students, 580 of which are now studying at school.


This program trains talents with higher cultural quality, proficiency in English language, knowledge and skills intourism, hotel, business and other related industries. Students can work in foreign affair companies, hotels, tourism agencies, culture, education, foreign enterprises and other enterprises, institutions and schools, be engaged in foreign affairs, trade, translation, secretarial,education, research, and management.

Business English

This major trains students with solid English basic skills, the broad international vision, specialized international business knowledge and skills, mastering applied linguistics, applied economics,business management and international commercial law and other related knowledge and theory, understanding the rules of the international business activities, having the strong ability of intercultural business communication.

Application of English

This program trains trains students with a solid foundation of English language and cultural knowledge. Students are familiar with the relevant national tourism and hotel management policies and regulations, familiar with the tourist hotel market, and acquire the basic theories and skills of international tourism and hotel.