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History of YXHMC

Yinxing was started by Fang Gongyu in association with CUIT in 2002 to create a premiere international hospitality and tourism management college providing utilitarian undergraduate programs.


 2002: Yinxing, as an affiliate to Chengdu College of Information Technology (now CUIT), was founded with a Sichuan Education Department enrollment license for 2002.


 2004: The MOE approved Yinxing as one of the first independent Sichuan colleges providing undergraduate education.


 2005: Hongguang campus construction commenced in Pidu in March. 245 non-degree grads first graduated in June. 


 2006: 168 undergrads first graduated in June.


 2008: Yinxing was removed wholly to Hongguang campus.  


 2012: Yinxing was permitted to make bachelor degree awards.  


 2017: Hotel Management was rated as a CUAA Six Star Specialty. Yinxing established Southwest China Dormitory Research Institute.


 2018: Yinxing established in Chengdu a house inn and boutique hotel association, affiliated to China Tourism Association. Hotel Management was rated as a CUAA Six Star Specialty for a second year.