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Department of Financial Management Sends Teachers To Chiang Mai University For Exchange Study


The Department of Finance and Management appointed Professor Zhang Jie, Director ofthe Department of Finance and Research, to the University of Chiang Mai,Thailand, learning TEFL for a month in July 2018.

The TEFL program is mainly aimed at English listening, speaking, reading and writing training. In view of the teaching and learning of English, the teachingidea of "make learning fun" should have eye contact with students, do not speak back to students, control pronunciation and intonation, and so on. This can not only guide English teaching, and it can also guide professional teaching, and let students feel fun in their study, arouse enthusiasm, strengthen teacher-student interaction, and make the classroom atmosphere moreharmonious.

In this exchange study, Miss Zhang Jie felt the friendly enthusiasm of Thaipeople, and the beautiful scenery of Supu Mountain and the long history ofChiang Mai University. At the same time, she was happy and full of fun.

By sending outstanding teachers abroad to study and communicate, we can not only broaden our teachers' horizons, but also bring them into the Chiang MaiUniversity classroom with problems, and systematically learn about foreign university education and teaching concepts and classroom teaching models. It is a great significance to study and understand the living conditions of foreign universities, and learn well and absorb the advanced teaching experience offoreign countries, which is of great significance to the training of academic teachers with international vision and innovative consciousness. In the future,the Department of Financial Management will send outstanding teachers and students to study and exchange with other countries according to the foreign exchange platform of the College.