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Our Special Activities


◆ Yinxing Ambassador

The Yinxing Ambassador Contest is an annual collegial event designed to apply the coreresort hotel service culture to practice. The jury stringently evaluates the professional competency as well as of other diverse qualities of the contestants in order to train them ritually and pick out characteristic students symbolic of Yinxing’s culture.

◆Freshmen Welcome Parties

The freshmen welcome party is a long-established annual tradition masterminded, organized and arranged for to welcome new recruits. Pushing ahead with and putting intopractice the collegial service spirit, the party helps the freshmen have agrasp of school features. It encompasses colorful performances which enable the freshmen to know about the college, campus life and local culture, and promote student communication. It’s a grand event to hold the faculty and students together and present campus culture.

Hospitality Skill Competition

The hospitality skill competition, in the form of professional skill competition, provides the competitors with opportunities to put theoretical hotel management knowledgeinto practice and reversely, stimulate the students’ interests in professional courses and acquire deeper knowledge and competency of the industry.

Manners& Etiquette Competition

The manners & etiquette competition is another annual event in which the competitors compete in making courteous postures for ceremonies in the presence of the spectators. It has become a characteristic cultural event of Yinxing.

Sichuan Resort Hotel Creative Design Symposium and Show

It’s held by Yinxing hand in hand with Sichuan Graphic Designer Association and takes place on campus every May. There is a discussion on the introduction of an educational model which involves both the school and the industry as trainers for art design majors in the background of all-for-one tourism. There is also ashow of art design works, like hotel cultural themes, resort hotel products andhotel environment design and uniform design, which are subject to the assessment of a professional jury.

Multicultural Communication-themed Miniseries Shooting

Designed for the course of Core Hospitality Capacity Development and Training, the shooting is done wholly by the students under the instruction of the instructors. Participation enables the shooters to have a deeper understanding of culturaldiversity and communication, introduce innovative thinking and improve their many talents, like organization, planning and coordination.

Multidisciplinary Education Achievement Show   

The show involves the integration of four courses, i.e. Hotel Food & Beverage Management, Hotel Guestroom Management, Hotel Marketing and Core Professional Capability Training. Under the instruction of instructors, the students take the initiative to demonstrate what they learn as majors to industry professionals and visitors in visible situations.

Tourism Plus-themed Color Run

Themed with “Check in Global Attractions” and “Civilized Tourism”, the color run centers around the Tourism Plus concept and combines professional courses with core courses to hone the students’ capability of planning, organization and design. They are assisted to deeply comprehend the tourism industry in itsentirety from many angles.

Accounting Cultural Festival

The Accounting Cultural Festival establishes effectual connections between course content (flipped classroom, financial statement analysis, etc.) and characteristic hotel & tourism courses, collegial financial management leagues and financial statement case analysis competitions.

Yinxing Marketing & Planning Competition

This is anannual event held in cooperation with hotels and travel agencies. It concerns real cases provided by practical education bases and contestants are required to employ marketing expertise, investigation and data analysis to formulate business marketing plans. Consequently, the contestants got their professional capabilities honed, like marketing, data analysis, marketing, and planning.

TV Program and Film Dubbing Competition

The contestants provide dubs and voice-overs for hotel or travel video clips tosimulate situations. The competition helps them improve oral language, listening, comprehension and memorization while effectively improving oral language in practical situations.

New Media Skills Competition

The campus competition concerns skills dealing with two themes, i.e. Web and new media, and digital media technology, which, while impressing the students with its influence in the Internet age, guide them to consider finding technical application for new media to the evolving hotel and tourism industries in an age of Internet Plus and new media.