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The Celebration for the 35th Teacher’s Day


With the coming of the 70th anniversary of the founding of the People's Republic of China (PRC) , we held a celebration for the 35th Teacher's Day at 10:00 on September10th in Yinxing Hospitality Management College of CUIT. The staff of the school, teachers who had worked for the school as well as some experts took part in the celebration.

Watching the opening video

The celebration began with a video about the famous actress Gui Yalei from the TV program Letters Alive. The touching mother love in the video actually embodied the expectation of many mothers for the educators, which made teachers to realize their responsibility and mission again.

Watching the video Chairman Xi with Teachers

Later, in order to have a better understanding of chairman Xi’s  guidelines on education, the staff were asked to watch the video Chairman Xi with Teachers, and the words from Xi would certainly inspire teachers to devote themselves to the career of education.

Acknowledgement ceremony

There was also a special agenda during the celebration. An ceremony was held to thank those who had been working continuously for more than 15 years and hand-picked souvenirs were given to those who had been working at the school since its establishment by some specially invited guests of honor. Then, the big screen showed the names of 109 teachers who had been working in the school for more than 10 years.

Star teachers in 2019

Outstanding educators in 2019

Flash performances by teachers and students

After the melodious bamboo flute performance, the star teachers and outstanding educators were presented with flowers and certificates of honor by student representatives from different departments. What’s more, some students shared their stories and gave their sincere wishes to all teachers through videos. The flash performances by teachers and students were really amazing.

Best wishes from Professor Lan Jialong

Best wishes from Dean Li Ming

At last,the celebration ended with the best wishes from Professor Lan and the Dean.