General Requirement-Academics-Yinxing Hospitality Management College Of CUIT, YIHMS

General Requirement Of  Our Talent Training Programme


Amid the new trends, thoughts and requestsconcerning higher education, Yinxing bases its talent training programme (i.e.positioning, objective, concept and system) on an in-depth analysis of theconnotation of and industry demand for professional talent.

Positioning: Aprogramme rooted in Sichuan, oriented to China anddedicated to training excellent professional talent for the hospitality andtourism sector

Objective: Trainingexcellent professional talent in response to the demand of modern servicesectors. The students are supposed to be ideologically, morally andprofessionally competent, with outstanding performance in theoretic knowledgeand experience  

Concept: Setting anexample to the industry by bringing out a student’s multiple talents throughholistic education 

System: A talenttraining system which highlights vocational education as the end and facultytraining, resources, platforms and quality control as the components.

Down-to-earthliberal education designed to refine the student’s qualities.

First-waterprofessional education designed to hone the student’s practical abilities.

Flexible individualeducation designed to respect natural human development.