Our Achievements-Academics-Yinxing Hospitality Management College Of CUIT, YIHMS

Our Achievements

As devotees to theeducation cause, the Yinxing faculty believe in the philosophy of serving thesociety by helping students succeed, continuing to push ahead thanks to thesupport and care of all walks of life.  


★Sichuan Higher EducationAchievement Award, 3rd prize

★017 VeryEast Summit “Top Talent Training School” Award

★National Energetic CYLBranch Award

★Sichuan CYL Committee Red BannerAward

★Sichuan CYL Branch Red Banner Award

★Sichuan Innovation &Entrepreneurship Education Pacesetter Award

★Seentao National CollegialInnovative Accounting Skills Competition Award, grand prize

★Xuechuang NationalCollegial Entrepreneurship Simulation Competition Award, 1st prize

★National Resort HotelSchool Service Skills Competition Award, 1st prize

National Tour Guide ServiceSkills Competition Award, 1st prize

★National E-commerce andInternet Finance Competition Award, 1st prize

National Collegial EnglishCompetition Award, 1st prize

Kappa National TennisCheerleader Finals Title

Asian Hotels Young Leader SummitCreativity Challenge Award, 1st prize

National CollegialE-commerce Challenge Award, 1st prize (provincial-level)

Chinese Special SouvenirDesign Award, silver prize

National Collegial Ad ArtCompetition Award, 2nd prize

Sichuan Collegial TravelArt Design Award, gold prize

Sichuan Collegial MappingSkills Competition Award, 1st prize

National Tourism SchoolGood Lesson Presentation Competition Award, 2nd prize

Sichuan Collegial YoungSports Teacher Lesson Presentation Competition Award, 1st prize(team event)